How to Overcome the Problems Tax and Accounting Professionals Have During Tax Season

Vince Iannello

August 1, 2023

‌Vince Iannello

The survey respondents (59%) acknowledged that work-life balance is their top concern for this year. That is hardly surprising, given that accountants must work harder with fewer resources against a backdrop of a global skills shortage. Finding the time to offer value to their clients was their top problem, according to 46% of respondents. Similarly, it can seem complex to find time for advising work when accountants are already having trouble finding enough hours in the day to finish compliance work. Here is how technology can be required.

● Practice Administration

It’s critical to use technology to improve workflow efficiency and productivity to attain a better work-life balance, according to Vince Iannello. Practice management software may automate procedures and duties, enabling your staff to perform more effectively. Automation and intelligent workflows help businesses reduce errors, streamline processes, boost productivity, and raise profitability. By selecting the best solutions, you can reclaim time for strategic tasks that will help your business expand. Today’s people must make it easy to onboard new clients, enhance cooperation, restructure communications, and automate calendars, jobs, client signatures, and resource allocation.

It is more likely to link team empowerment with team performance when employees are empowered to manage their workloads and provide better customer service. High-performing people get driven to perform above and above and have high levels of job satisfaction, which implies sticking put in a competitive job market.

● Predictive Analytics

Predictive intelligence technologies can help you find chances to provide value to clients in addition to the productivity improvements that can get attained through practice management software. An intelligent online tax research platform is a priceless tool that gathers and produces expert content and commentary, cases, and required, real-world examples with reliable, up-to-date data and insights. It is essential to have a platform for online tax research that makes it simple to obtain the most recent tax laws, decisions, and rulings.

The program searches the database of an accounting company using predictive intelligence to identify particular clients who will get impacted by those events (s). A company can match constantly shifting regulations to numerous client outcomes in just one search. That is an excellent method for businesses to develop connections based on valuable customized advice and updates. Tools like calculators, client impact statements, and perform client letters are also available to make the work easier.

● Client Correspondence

The hassle of chasing down clients for information can get eliminated with a centralized practice management client portal for accounting companies. Because more employees choose to work from home, businesses must ensure that customer information is secure. That is why it’s crucial to implement solutions that can keep remote or hybrid-remote workers safe and guard against cyber-intrusion.

The best method to streamline client contact is using cloud-based client portals, according to Vince Iannello. The traditional trifecta of emails, paper, and phone calls is no longer necessary, thanks to this one-on-one encrypted gateway between the firm and the client. A client portal can foster more collaboration in a secure setting by eliminating the paper trail and shifting clients to the cloud.